The pilot-operated solenoid valves manufactured by OLAB, represented by the Series 18000, are on-off valves suitable for liquid and gaseous fluids whose viscosity is not greater than 37 CST (or 5°E).
These are servo-controlled diaphragm solenoid valves with BSPP threaded female inlet-outlet connections (cylindrical for gas), CW617N brass casing and cap, stainless steel magnetic parts and NBR  diaphragm for water, EPDM peroxide, FKM (FPM) or other elastomers upon request.
The 18000 valves are of the 2/2-ways normally closed type (2 ways 2 positions), while the 18500 valves are 2/2-ways normally open.
Both versions are available in three models:
- with coil (18000 and 18500) - (protection degree IP00)
- without coil (18010 and 18510)
- with coil + connector (18020 and 18520) - (protection degree IP65 according to the din 40050 standard).
Despite their small weight and size (due to their peculiar profile), they are extremely robust and the fluid temperature are in compliance with gasket materials and the maximum allowable viscosity.
They are suitable for all fluids compatible with the materials which the gaskets and the internal components are made of, except for the dangerous fluids of Group 1 as according to the European Directive  97/23/EC (PED).
The range includes all sizes from 3/8” to 2” with ø11.5 to ø50 (DN) holes, while coils are all Class H for continuous use (ED 100%).


The guided diaphragm pilot operated solenoid valves of the Series 20000 by OLAB are of the guided diaphragm-type with BSPP threaded female inlet and outlet connections (cylindrical for gas), CW617N  brass casing and cap, stainless steel magnetic parts and FKM (FPM) diaphragm.